Medha Railway Equipments Pvt. Ltd.


At present following Wagon Types are successfully fitted with BMBS.



3. BRN 22.9,



6. BCNAHL, etc.

Other Wagons Types are about to follow with BMBS, due to various inherent advantages carried with advanced BMBS compared to existing Body Mounted Brake System.

BMBS is suitable for all the freight Wagons which are fitted with CASNUB Type Bogies. The Brake Beams are so designed that they are readily slid in to the Existing Beam Pockets of the CASNUB Bogies and do not need operations like gas cutting, welding, fastening, or riveting.


Apart from these the Product consists of Bell Crank Levers, Push Rods, Clevis Pins, Hose Pipes, a reservoir and other mounting hardware. All the components are supplied by dedicated Vendor Base who are mainly working with Automobile giants. In house Inspection & testing of components ensures that the Asemblies adhere to the Specified standards.

The product is being controlled by the regulatory, Wagon Directorate of M/s RDSO (Research Designs Standards Organization), Lucknow, India, who witnesses and conducts the Yearly Type Tests. Product release Inspection is vested with Inspection & Liasoning wing of QA Mechanical Directorate of RDSO, Lucknow. RDSO Specification that covers the BMBS Product requirements is published and controlled by Wagon Directorate of RDSO, Lucknow. Specification that covers the requirements is WD-23-BMBS-2008, Revision 0.

Bogie Mounted Brake System (BMBS) consists of 2 Nos Brake Cylinders (One with Parking Brake and the other without Parking Brake), 1 No EL-60 Valve (i.e Empty Load sensing device), a set of Transversely mounted Brake Beams  (2 Beams - One Primary on which Brake Blocks and Brake Cylinder mounts and the other is Secondary on which mounts the Brake Blocks).

Brake Cylinder with Parking Brake
EL-60 Valve
(Empty Load sensing device)