Medha Railway Equipments Pvt. Ltd.


Most of the Machinery are Custom Built for Defect free production, backed by excellent data logging facilities.

Online testing for functional testing is a part of the Production Line. Type Test Equipment consists of Endurance, Environment, Fatigue and Vibration test stands.

All the operations being of Assembly nature the plant is rated for continuous Production Cycle.

MREPL has acquired the State of the Art manufacturing and Test Facilities for manufacture of BMBS.

EL-60 Valve Assembly Stage -1 Sleeve Pressing

EL-60 Valve Assembly Stage -2

Sub Assembly

Work Station with Hand Tools, Bench Vice & Air Supply for Tooling & Cleaning

EL-60 Valve Assembly Stage -3

Bracket Assembly

Work Station with Hand Tools & and  Air Supply for Tooling & Cleaning EL-60 Valve Finishing

Brake Cylinder

Body Bush Pressing Stage

Hydraulic Power Pack& Horizontal Work Station

Brake Cylinder  

Piston Pressing & Sub Assembly Stage Pneumatic Press Assembly Work Station with Bar Code Reader, Torque Wrench and Hand Tools

Brake Cylinder  

NPH Pressing & Sub Assembly Stage NPH and Guide Tube Pressing Spring Assembly and circlip assembly station Hand tools & Bar Code Reader